100 things

1. i was born January 1st 1981
2. i've lived in 7 different locations during my brief life
3. i have some Norwegian blood in me
4. i'm blonde
5. i prefer night to day
6. hate waking up early
7. have a short fuse
8. i've travelled to almost every single country in Western Europe
9. simply adore London
10. am certain Colin Firth is destined to be mine one day
11. am studying English at University
12. suck at almost every sport
13. i also suck at most board- and card games
14. have been engaged once, am not any more
15. i'm a hopeless romantic
16. just love happy endings
17. am an indophile
18. am slowly becoming a semi-vegetarian
19. have recently discovered Belle&Sebastian
20. have never been arrested
21. have participated in one public demonstration
22. think i was born about 30 yrs too late
23. am a devoted socialist
24. can play the piano
25. and the violin
26. can't sing to save my life
27. Despite lack of talent i sing vigorously while i drive
28. am addicted to the internet
29. have very few real friends
30. most of my friends seem to be male
31. am an endless source of useless trivia
32. actually participated in a game show on national tv on behalf of my school
33. wish to live abroad
34. would love to visit Australia
35. Lifelong goal to experience life&culture in Japan
36. own countless pairs of shoes
37. my hair has a will (and a life) of its own
38. favorite beer: Budweiser Budvar
39. favorite food: most chicken dishes
40. don't like fish
41. love reading books
42. would love to be a designer
43. have turned out to be quite the handyman
44. have upholstered my own sofa
45. also built 2 "cube" chairs
46. hate speaking on the phone
47. enjoy sitting in the dark with candles lit
48. enjoy listening to the rain
49. my favorite cd is Diamond Life with Sadie
50. my favorite movie: Grease
51. my favorite actor: John Cusack
52. my favorite book: Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire
53. my favorite song: Sweet Sir Galahad by Joan Baez
54. my favorite Beatle: John Lennon
55. i kind of like George Harrison as well though
56. hate pastel colors
57. love anything colored pink
58. think cows are the most delightful creatures
59. love to ride horses
60. don't have a car
61. live with my parents still
62. suffer from slight depression
63. should use my bike more instead of public transportation
64. work in a library
65. am quite shy
66. wanted 5 kids but will now settle for 3
67. favorite tv show: Jonathan Creek
68. favorite author: Jane Austen
69. desperately want my own domain
70. have already planned my wedding day
71. have blue eyes
72. would love to be able to speak English fluently
73. oh and with an accent
74. think Virginia Wolf is really really cool
75. actually have an English teacher called Mr.Darcy
76. discovered recently that phonetics is quite interesting
77. can't for the life of me continue reading Lord of the Rings
78. have a slight prejudice against country folk
79. live in the city centre
80. am quite stubborn
81. i snore
82. i talk in my sleep
83. i cannot eat or even touch peppers
84. am clostrophobic under water
85. have extremly small hands and feet
86. do believe in love at first sight
87. favorite magazine: Livingetc
88. favorite brand of shoes: Campers
89. believe in life after death
90. refuse to blindly accept what the church says
91. believe in God
92. am really into minimalism at the moment
93. think John Travolta is really really cool
94. used to love Take That
95. am a tad lazy
96. suffer from terrible period pains
97. am extremely vulnerable
98. am allergic to fake metals& certain cosmetics
99. sew a lot of my own clothes
100. really hate being patronized
sounds about right?